Block O2O Blockchain Summit 2018

May 8 2018 | PMQ, Hong Kong

Interoperability and the Next Wave of Blockchain

Blockchains – whether private, public, financial, IOT or consumer related –  all have to talk to each other. Smart contracts will tumble if we build the Blockchain Tower of Babel. Interoperability must be addressed.

Cryptomarkets and Exchanges

Cryptomarket managers are facing pressure to improve security, standout in a crowded market of markets and maintain links to the fiat world as traditional banking tries to shut them out or shut them down. The future of Crypto Exchanges.

Financial Institutions and Blockchain

Far from the ICO scene, old school financial institutions are making new moves to adopt blockchain. The leaders discuss what projects they are implementing and challenges they face.

Prove it: Proof of Concept/ State/Work/State/Time and Space

As a new tech on the block, blockchain has a lot to prove. As it undergoes revolution after revolution, how we evaluate it is changing. Global leaders look at how we can measure real progress in the long blockchain march forward.

Investment: ICOs, VC, Funds Plus

Once the preserve of individual traders, funds are gathering to invest in the crypto and token space. The panel of investors look at how investment is spreading from the solo investor to the institution.


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