Block O2O Blockchain Summit 2018

8 May 2018 | PMQ, Hong Kong

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Nick Spanos

Founder of Bitcoin Center NYC

Co-founder of Zap

Nick Spanos is one of the earliest adopters of bitcoin and blockchain, founder of the Bitcoin Center NYC, and CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corp. and Zap.org. Zap.org works to solve one of the biggest challenges in the blockchain industry by providing an open marketplace for oracles that can provide smart contracts with access to off-chain data.

Additionally, Spanos is the founder and inventor of VoteWatcher, the patented first-ever blockchain voting platform. He was also featured in the recent documentary Banking on Bitcoin and has been part of many conferences on blockchain technology.

David A. Cohen

Advisor for Hashgraph, and former Foundation Member of the IOTA Foundation

Founder and Chairman of Dcntral

David A. Cohen is the founder and Chairman of Dcntral, a blockchain-based Cybersecurity company. He is internationally renowned for his pioneering work in the Decentralized Software industry and recently in the Digital Currency and Blockchain industry. David was named as one of the Top 100 Movers and Shakers in the SmartGrid by Greentech and is a founding member Emeritus of the GridWise Architecture Council. David is a former member of the IOTA Foundation and is currently on the advisory of Hedera Hashgraph.

Alexander Borodich

Founder and CEO

Universa Blockchain

Alexander Borodich is a Lithuanian venture investor, serial entrepreneur, and digital media strategist. Currently, he is working at his new project, the Universa blockchain platform. Universa will offers users “the cheapest, fastest and most secure way to create smart contracts and applications based on its blockchain.” Universa plans to operate with an unprecedented speed, which accounts for more than 20,000 transactions per second, with cheap transactions without dependence on mining.

Bonnie Cheung

Venture Partner

500 Startups

Focused on healthtech and blockchain, Bonnie leads 500 Startups’ operations from HK. 500 Startups is one of the most active seed investors globally with over 1800+ portfolio companies including Prenetics, uBiome, MyHealthTeam and Siren Care.  Formerly head of strategic planning for the Zuellig Group, holding company of Zuellig Pharma and EBOS (NZE:EBO) for 7 years, Bonnie is passionate about finding disruptive technology companies that can change the traditional business models.  Prior to joining the healthcare industry, Bonnie is an enterprise software veteran having worked with IBM, AT&T, HP, Deloitte etc. She is a chartered CFA and holds a double major B.A. in Engineering & Economics from Dartmouth College.

Maksim Balashevich

Founder and CEO


Maksim is the founder and CEO of santiment.net. Santiment is building a big data platform and community-generated insights on cryptocurrencies (SANBase). Santiment was one of the most successful early ICOs in 2017. Hitting its hardcap with over $12M, Santiment is a high profile cryptocurrency success story and innovator.

Maksim is a regular media commentator and has been featured in Forbes and other financial publications. A distinguished sentiment analysis and crowd psychology expert, he has been successfully applying Elliott Waves Theory to crypto markets. He has more than 15 years experience building and leading international teams, and more than 10 years experience in financial markets analysis.

Dr. Ben Goertzel

Founder and CEO


Dr. Ben Goertzel is the founder and CEO of SingularityNET, a blockchain-based AI marketplace. Dr. Goertzel is also the Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong-based engineering and robotics firm that is best known for their development of humanlike robots with AI. His research work encompasses artificial general intelligence, natural language processing, cognitive science, data mining, machine learning, computational finance, bioinformatics, virtual worlds and gaming and other areas. He has published a dozen scientific books, 100+ technical papers, and numerous journalistic articles. Before entering the software industry he served as a university faculty in several departments of mathematics, computer science, and cognitive science, in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

Carman Chan

Founder and Managing Partner

Click Ventures

Carman Chan started her entrepreneurship endeavor when she was in University. In order to pursue her passion for internet, she gave up a sponsored PhD offer from Imperial College and become a serial internet entrepreneur. Carman’s first company, English Street was acquired by a Hong Kong listed newspaper group, HKET(0423.HK). Her second company were merged with Hiiir in Taiwan and were acquired by FarEasTone (4904.TW). On top, she is a best-selling book author for several accelerated learning books. Being a tech columnist in IT magazines for eight years, her focus was on internet business model.

After several successful exits, Carman has started her Angel fund, namely, Click Ventures. The focus is on technology startup from seed to series A stages. Click Ventures provides both funding and mentorship to share the pain and gain through her twenty years of technology entrepreneurship experience. The current portfolio includes more than 40 investments such as Spotify.com,Docusign, Palantir.com, Memebox.com, Youappi.com…etc. She has been invited as a speaker or member of panel in prestigious events globally across more than 10 countries, such as the Web Summit, Slush, AVCJ Private Equity and Venture Forum, Silicon Dragon, etc.

Jonathan Chou

Co-founder & CEO

The Bee Token

Jonathan Chou is the Co-founder and CEO of Bee Token (BEE) — Bee Token is a decentralized ecosystem for the sharing economy powered by the BEE token with a seasoned team of industry veterans from some of the most disruptive companies in Silicon Valley including Google, Facebook, Uber, and Civic, reimagining the sharing economy by leveraging the efficiency and security of the Bee Protocols.

Dr. Marta Piekarska

Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger

The Linux Foundation

Marta serves as the Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger. Marta obtained her BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology and a double Master from Computer Science and Informatics at Technical University of Berlin and Warsaw University of Technology. Marta received PhD in User-Informed Design of Privacy Tools while working at one of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley – Blockstream. Marta also taught at Technical University of Berlin as a Post-doc. As part of her role in Hyperledger Marta evangelizes the technology and Open Source at conferences around the world and helps enterprises with applying permissioned Blockchains to their use-cases. Marta is passionate about how Blockchain can help in non-traditional spaces, such as identity, last mile aid and education delivery and sustainability.

Julian Gordon

Vice President, Asia Pacific, Hyperledger

The Linux Foundation

Julian is Vice President, Asia, for Hyperledger, the Linux Foundation open source collaborative project created to advance cross-industry blockchain. Julian started his career in London, working in technology within investment banking at HSBC, Lloyds Bank and Kleinwort Benson. He then spent the past 20-plus years in Asia Pacific business development and leadership roles within leading technology companies HP, Sun Microsystems, Juniper Networks and Cisco. He is a strong advocate for open source and the truly transformational potential of blockchain. Julian has a BA (Hons) in Systems Analysis from the University of West of England. He is based in Hong Kong, where he was born, and is married with two children.

Maksim Akulshin

Co-founder & Architect


Maksim has been a Sauber Bank board member since 2012.He is leading the Information and Communication Systems Ltd (“”SIIS””) company offering a wide range of services with an emphasis on modern comprehensive data processing and web analytics since 2009. Maksim has over 9 years of experience in senior management. Using his versatile experience he now combines the role of a Co-Founder and a senior Architect at eCoinomic.net.

Manav Gupta

Founder & CEO


Manav Gupta is a technology strategist, investor & serial entrepreneur.

He has sold two companies prior to starting FabriQate, an award winning international Innovative Mobile Technology Product & Platform company and helping drive it to success for 7 years in Mainland China.

By taking FabriQate under professional management he has now stepped into next venture in IoT / Connected Devices where he sits as Founder & CEO of Brinc.io. Brinc is an Internet of Things Investment Fund & Incubation Platform based out of HK, Shenzhen & Guangzhou with venture partners around the world.

Manav strongly believes that technology through the use of data has the power to make the world a better place and is committed to pushing the boundaries across verticals through connected technologies. If you don’t find him in Hong Kong or around the Mainland then he’s off on one of his many adventures around the world.

Alex Leverington

Founder & CEO

Entropy Labs Ltd

Alex has been involved with Ethereum from a very early stage. He worked at ETHDEV, where he architected and coded devp2p, Ethereum’s underlying P2P protocol layer. Alex also made key contributions in Ethereum encryption and security and remains active in the protocol steering group. Alex advises decentralized applications and is developing a decentralized, secure, and authenticated P2P messaging application. 

Dmitry Korzhik



Dmitry Korzhik is the Co-founder of Rocket DAO, and is a blockchain and cryptoeconomics specialist. He has more than 7 years experience in the IT industry, and he has successfully completed dozens of projects for mobile and web development.

Dmitry is a holder of a masters degree in computer science.

Genadi Man

Co-founder & CEO


Genadi Man is the Co-founder and CEO of Kasko2go – an insuretech product, which rewards drivers with discounts up to 50% just for driving safe. Kasko2go is repeatedly awarded, and recently won 1st Place in the Startup Competition at the Armenian Blockchain Forum.

Anar Mekhtiev

Founder & CEO


Anar Mekhtiev is a 19 year veteran of the IT industry. In 2003 Mr Mekhtiev joined the mobile operator MegaFon as an ordinary support specialist and quickly rose up through the ranks. In 2005 he moved to the position of project manager and supervised the transfer of the MegaFon’s branch office from the Service Desk to the more functional IT management platform of Service Manager. In 2008, he assumed the position of the leading business analyst in the company. In 2010 worked for Kazakhstan’s electronic government services. After the successful implementation of the project in 2011, he returned to Moscow and began developing his own IT company, specializing in complex development. Today, Destream.io develops sophisticated software products, portal solutions (internet, intranet) and mobile applications, conducts technology consulting, and promotes innovative development directions, including blockchain. He has spoken at numerous industry conferences and taught several courses on the topic of blockchain technologies.

Heath Muchena

Chief Information Officer


Heath Muchena is a communications strategist. He is also a writer, trends observer, ideation enthusiast, and start-up strategist. He is passionate about blockchain, digital real estate development, social currency analysis, and experience economy research. As a communications expert, Heath has in-depth experience and know-how in the digital marketing, PR, and advertising industries across different sectors. Heath brings a wealth of experience and a unique approach to technological communications by simplifying complex concepts and making them easy to understand. He uses the best-in-class tactics and technologies to tell brand stories in a simple, memorable, meaningful and authentic way. 

Shaukat Shamim

Co-founder & CEO


Shaukat Shamim was an early member of the core Yahoo! team, where he led the creation of the iconic Yahoo! Messenger platform. As the Founder and CEO of Buysight, he developed one of the first online data remarketing and real-time brand advertising platforms, which was acquired by AOL in 2012. An early innovator in the video ad network space, Shaukat also founded Rhythm NewMedia, a mobile advertising company that merged with Blinx and got publicly listed (RTHM:Lon).

David Kuhl

Chief Business Development Officer

Smart Containers Group

David Kuhl has 18 years experience in International Sales Management (Europe, Russia, Latin America & USA) in Listed Cyber Security Nasdaq company. David is highly experienced in selling IT Technology (Security, Cloud, Hardware, Software, Biometrics, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, Blockchain, and Pharma(Cold Chain).

David delivered the largest worldwide technology (HSBC, BBVA, CITI, GSK…). roll out with & testimony case show around the world. He added more than 200 new large customers.

David holds an MBA in Finance, and is also a Master in Marketing & Specialisation in Negotiation International.

Anatoly Shcherbakov

Co-Founder – Product and Operations


Anatoly Shcherbakov is the co-founder of Faradise, an innovative marketplace focuses on furniture and décor using unique AR features. Anatoly oversees the Product and Operations of the firm.

Faradise is an innovative AR app connecting furniture retailers directly with their customers in one virtual marketplace. Now the project is incorporating blockchain in the app so that customers could be sure to find the perfect item that fits not only their rooms but also lifestyle.

Anatoly is one the top experts in AR development in Russia and prior Faradise launched several successful projects using AR technology. His experience includes development and launch AR products for such giants as Sberbank (the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe) and RosCosmos (Russian space agency).  Anatoly also provides his wide experience to promote AR among local developers community to help engage more developers into this state of the art technology.

Andrey Simbirin

Co-Founder – Strategy and Development


Andrey Simbirin is the co-founder of Faradise, an innovative marketplace focuses on furniture and décor using unique AR features. Andrey leads the Strategy and Development of the firm.

Faradise is an innovative AR app connecting furniture retailers directly with their customers in one virtual marketplace. Now the project is incorporating blockchain in the app so that customers could be sure to find the perfect item that fits not only their rooms but also lifestyle.

Prior Faradise, Andrey spent 10 years in project management, private equity, investment banking and consulting in top-tier companies and banks. During his career he managed some of the biggest deals on the Russian M&A market. Andrey also serves as Head of new ventures and technologies development in PhysTechPark, leading Russian scientific industrial park, where he oversees new targets developing and mentors high-tech projects in blockchain, machine algorithms and M2M, AI and Big Data.

Magnus Sundbye

Business Developed, Europe


Magnus is a natural leader and entrepreneur, and his businesses have ranged from selling sex toys and digital hardware online, to running freelance logistical services. He has implemented new processes and solutions to companies of all sizes as well as providing support on an individual basis to professionals looking for advice at various stages of their careers. His interest in sex toys was simply because of the market, and quickly tapped into the dynamics of the Norwegian sex industry with creative marketing techniques. He developed an extensive network of connections in the industry which he nurtured into a potent sales operation.

Magnus has recently joined the ExoLover team, with a deep understanding of the intricacies of the sex industry an how these are reflected in demand for hardware and services. He is passionate about aligning people to the vision, demonstrating the shared value of this incredible business opportunity, product and service offering and making game-changing connections that lead to meaningful impact.

Miranda Tan

CEO & Co-founder


Miranda Tan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Robin8, an expert in PR and marketing, China Influencer and KOL Marketing, as well as the integration of big data and AI technology in the digital media industry. Prior to founding Robin8, Miranda amassed 15 years of experience in PR and marketing. She specialized in public relations and marketing for technology companies, pre-IPO companies, and other companies in states of rapid growth.

Miranda Tan also founded and headed ExcitePR, a US technology public relations agency with offices in New York and San Francisco. In 2001, ExcitePR merged with one of the largest independent technology PR firms in the country at the time. Miranda Tan joined their executive team as Vice President.

Miranda Tan is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English. She has a bachelor of science from Cornell University and a Juris Doctor from St. John’s University School of Law. She is an attorney and counselor-at-law in the State of New York.

Lijian Xiong

CEO and Co-founder


In 2013, Mr. Xiong Lijian joined the bitcoin industry, who founded the DiglnForce (R & D and sales of the world’s first LTC machine), WiiBox (the world’s first graphical interface management software, SFARDS (mining) and ore mining chip R & D enterprises) and other companies in the Bitcoin and blockchain industry. In 2016, he completed China’s first 10 million RMB ICO project, and attracted hundreds of thousands of users in the industry. Mr. Xiong Lijian was once a senior manager of foreign companies and domestic listed companies, and served both as a digital marketing consultant of many well-known enterprises and as distinguished lecturers in many top-one universities. He works both the CEO of LoMoStar —— the community for crypto world and Xstar —— a HK based digital assets exchange.

Daniil Zatologin



Daniil Zatologin is the Founder of ATUMChain and co-founder of MIPT Blockchain Lab. Daniil has more than 10 years in the investment industry.

David Chen

Founder & CEO


Mr. David Chen co-founded AngelVest Group (angelvestgroup.com), an investment interest group helping individual angel investors identify and invest in early stage companies in Greater China. AngelVest Group has grown to be one of the largest organized angel groups in Greater China comprised of mostly expats with around 70 members in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Mr. Chen also founded the AngelVest Fund (the side-car fund associated with AngelVest) with which he led the investments in over 25 early-stage companies on behalf of AngelVest members. By taking active roles in select portfolio companies, Mr. Chen has been very effective in helping young companies with issues around their strategy, operations, and growth. Notably, Mr. Chen has taken CFO duties and Board member of Hanson Robotics (hansonrobotics.com) since its Series A financing – the world’s leading company in producing human-like robots with artificial intelligence technology.

Mr. Chen is also the founding Chairman of the Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of China – with the mission to provide an educational and networking forum for Harvard alumni interested in angel investing in Greater China. Previously, he worked at large institutions including Salomon Brothers, Advanced Micro Devices, Honda Motor and at specialty boutique investment banks, where he helped a number of clients pursue and complete cross-border M&A and financing transactions valued in aggregate of over US $6 billion. Mr. Chen also comes from strong entrepreneurial pursuits where he founded and managed technology start-ups and led strategy, operations, and finance activities.

Mr. Chen earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester and MBA from Harvard Business School, and studied Chinese at Peking University. Mr. Chen is a native speaker of English, fluent in Mandarin Chinese and conversant in Japanese. Originally from New York, Mr. Chen has been living in Shanghai for the last 12 years.

Olga Alexeeva

Head of International Development

Smart Valley

Ms. Alexeeva is currently supervising international development department at a blockchain innovative start-up that aims to disrupt and digitalize Silicon Valley – Smart Valley. It is a decentralized scoring platform that brings together backers, projects and experts in a closed ecosystem. Today Olga specializes in ICO consultancy & pitching, roadshow organization and crypto investor relations. Prior to diving into blockchain world, Olga worked in the traditional retail sector, with a startup accelerator and also lectures to students on a variety of business subjects. Olga is a trilingual marketing professional with advanced entrepreneurial, presentation, and ICO consulting skills, as well as work experience in Russia, Italy, UK and USA. She studied international business and administration at MGIMO University in Moscow and holds a Master degree in Strategic Marketing from Imperial College London.

Ismail Malik

Ismail Malik

Founder and CEO

Blockchain Lab

Ismail Malik is the Editor-in-Chief of ICO Crowd magazine and the Founder and CEO of Blockchain Lab. Blockchain Lab acts a specialised crypto development project partner alongside search and placement of lead developers for existing DLT projects.

Dušan Stojanović

Founder and Director

True Global Ventures

A ‘citizen of the world’ with a Swedish passport, Dušan was awarded the Business Angel of the Year in Europe in 2013 by EBAN (European Business Angel Network) after having three positive exits within a week, previously unheard of in the global angel history. He was also nominated as one of four Business Angels of the Year in Europe 2009 by EBAN. Announced as among Fintech Asia 100 Leaders In Asian Fintech in 2016 after moving in 2014 to Asia. He has worked for more than 20 years within business development primarily within Fintech. Half of the time at GE Capital and Monabanq.com and the rest with own ventures/investments. Strong international network in primarily Silicon Valley, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Stockholm, Berlin, London and Paris. Has learnt 6 languages and as many cultures and working habits. Regular Speaker and judge on conferences on more than 100 occasions since 2005, including: 2016/2015/2014: London (Disruption Banking), Paris (Disruption Banking), Hong Kong (Next Bank) Hong Kong (Fintech KPMG Day), Singapore (Fintech Startupbootcamp) Washington D.C (Global 1000) , San Diego (Angel Capital Association), Innovfest (Singapore), Rise (Hong Kong), Silicon Valley (GVF), Dublin (Websummit) Stockholm (Disruption Banking) Beijing (Annual Conf. Chinese Venture Cap. Ass.),  Beijing (GMIC – Mobile Conference), Dublin (EBAN) Manilla, Boston (Sibos – Innotribe) Hong Kong (Hong Kong Start Me Up), Helsinki (EBAN)

Solid track record with 9 out of 18 investments fully or partly exited. All exits related to payments & Fintech. All other investments have reached a first break even point and none has closed down.

Domas Povilauskas

Co-founder & CEO

NOIA Network

Domas is a proven entrepreneur who founded one of the fastest-growing SaaS startups in the Baltic region – Tellq. This experience garnered him a thorough understanding of network technologies and data streaming business which were instrumental to the initial formation of the NOIA concept. Previous experience includes 5 years in the financial services industry.

Jev Vainsteins

Chief Business Development Officer

Enecuum (ENQ)

Jev Vainsteins is the Chief Business Development Officer of Enecuum (ENQ), responsible for the business development of the ENQ platform. He is a passionate Cloud Evangelist with over 16 years of experience in technical marketing (Business Development, Sales & Presales to Carriers, Distributors, VAR’s, System Integrators) and is a known visionary and sought-after speaker in the technology world.

He is a former Huawei IT Solutions sales executive Responsible for Cloud in EMEA Global Solution Elite Team. He was a canonical Ubuntu business development executive responsible for partner programs and sales in the EMEA & APAC regions. He is also a former senior sales engineering leader in Cogent Communications, the world’s 3rd largest ISP provider carrying over 20% of world internet traffic through its 53 proprietarydata centers and one of the world’s largest fiber networks.

Kouhei Wada

Chief Executive Officer


Kouhei Wada is an entrepreneur, business leader and former project manager for system product and development in the embedded software industry. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of deep learning and Bayesian methodology.

Brad Yasar

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Krowd Mentor, Inc.

Brad is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and advisor who has started and bootstrapped several companies from inception to maturity over the past 20 years. Brad is currently the co-founder and Managing Partner of Krowd Mentor, a strategic crowdfunding advisory firm focusing on ICOs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and token powered organizations.

As the co-founder for Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC) with over $5 Billion dollars allocated to blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and has access to extensive dealflow and experience analyzing disruptive technologies, Brad has participated in dozens successful crowd sales, which have raised over $500 million from 10,000s of investors since 2016.

Brad also served as managing director of Yasar Corporation where he mentored, advised and invested in more than 50 companies. Passionate about where the worlds of technology and marketing collide, Brad is frequently invited to speak at events related to entrepreneurship, angel investing and business strategy. Most recently, he presented at GCC, Digital Hollywood, and ITU Gate Accelerator Program. A big believer in coaching younger generations of entrepreneurs, Brad serves as a mentor for the Pepperdine Alumni Association.

Juwan Lee

Founder and CEO


Juwan Lee is an entrepreneur, VC, blockchain and fintech influencer and investment professional with three decades of investment industry experience, managing portfolios and organizations on behalf of multi-billion dollar hedge funds, proprietary trading desks, asset management and venture capital firms.

He is the Founder and CEO of NexChange, an innovation platform, CEO of Arrakis Ventures and co-Founder and Director of the Blockchain Center of Hong Kong. Formerly, the CIO of Shanghai’s largest asset management firm. Spent numerous years at JP Morgan in a variety of roles from principal investments to heading equity within asset management division. Early pioneer in managing technology portfolios on behalf of SAC Capital, Rothschilds and Montgomery. He funded many star companies in the Silicon Valley, Taiwan’s Hsinchu Science Park, Korea and Israel.

Samson Lee


Blockchain Centre of Hong Kong

Samson Lee is the Co-founder of Blockchain Centre of Hong Kong, and the Founder and CEO of Coin Street. He is also the Founding Executive Chairman of GHM Greater Bay Area TechFin Association, and the Co-founder of Ethereum South China and South Asia communities. Samson has over 20 years of experience in TMET sector. His work is recognised with proven success across in Asia, including world’s first “charge-to-bill” mobile VAS payment service in 2000 with Hutchison n Telecom, world’s first verified-by-VISA SMS payment service with VISA and Bank of China in 2002, world’s first mobile e-wallet in 2003 with HKCSL, Asia’s first O2O e-commerce in 2004 with Li & Fung Group, Asia’s first premium Hollywood movies VOD service in 2006 with Vide online, and world’s first 4G premium VOD service in 2012 with China Mobile.

Samson holds an MBA, an MSc in Telecom & Networking from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; and a Bachelor Degree of Commerce, from University of Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Tagir Aushev

Head of Laboratory of High Energy Physics

MIPT, Moscow Phystech

Dr. Tagir Aushev is a Russian physicist, and a professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences. He worked in ITEP laboratories, as well as the Lausanne Federal Polytechnic School (EPFL), in the research center for high energy physics of KEK in Japan. In 2014, he established the Laboratory of High-Energy Physics at MIPT. In 2015-2017, he held the position of vice-rector for scientific research and strategic development at MIPT. Most recently, he headed the Technical Committee on blockchain technology regulation established by the Russian Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

He is an active member of government steering committees on the national strategy of science and technology development in Russia and the international cooperation in science and technology. His interests include exploring visions and the role that blockchain and AI will have in the University.

Alex Busarov

Co-founder & CEO


Alex is the Co-founder and CEO of WaLiMai, an anti-counterfeit company that provides a safe-channel ecosystem for consumer products. He is formerly a consultant at McKinsey & Co., and Sales Director at a leading infant formula producer. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics. He can also speak conversational Mandarin Chinese.

Seralyn Campbell

Chief Promotions Officer

VReS Inc.

Born and raised in the Mississippi River Delta, Seralyn left at age 19 to pursue a career in hospitality in Memphis, TN. After a brief stint on the southern island of Kyushu in Japan, she moved to NYC to study wine and became a sommelier. Several years later she moved back to Memphis to pursue a Fine Arts degree at the University of Memphis, while owning and operating a small business. At age 27 she moved from Memphis, TN to Tokyo Japan to work in the Fashion Industry. After managing the Japanese supermodel, Rola, and doing freelance photography, she applied her networking and people-skills along with her eternal interest in technology to start searching for a career in the technology sector. Seralyn’s years spent as a gamer, a fan of VR, and an investor in cryptocurrency caused her to be an ideal candidate for and eventually become the CPO of VReS, Inc and to raise awareness for and promote what she sees as an amazing and game-changing concept.

James Cao

CEO & Founder


James is an expert in anime, virtual world, and gaming community with over 15 years management experience. James founded Gaia Online in 2004. Gaia became the largest anime community and virtual world in US, and attracted investment from top VCs together with Time Warner’s and Sony Pictures. Gaia Online has 29M users, billions posts, and hundreds thousands daily transactions. Previously James was a network engineer at Lucent Technologies and Zhone Technologies. James has MBA from New York Institute of Technology, and Telecommunication Engineering Certificate from UC Berkeley.

Henry Chong


Fusang Group

Henry Chong is the Chief Executive Officer of Fusang: The Asian Family Office. As a private investment office, Fusang partners with families across Asia to provide conflict-free investment solutions and independent business advice.

Henry is a Director at Portcullis, Asia’s biggest independent group of trust companies that provides a one-stop shop for corporate, trustee, custodian and fund administration services to high net-worth individuals. Henry helps to oversee the management of key client relationships, advising on the set up of family offices, philanthropy and wealth management.

At Fusang, Henry and his team have been making investments in traditional and alternative asset classes since its inception. In recognition of the emerging blockchain technology, Fusang has also made investments in crypto assets and has been developing new businesses in crypto/blockchain space. As a strong believer of burgeoning blockchain industry, Fusang has been working with global institutional investors and financial regulators to implement professional digital asset related businesses, including custody services.

Attila Steven Csanyi



Attila is a entrepreneur with a wide range of life long experiences from retail, wholesale, manufacturing and more. Being an early investor of Bitcoin it has provided Attila years of experience in the space. Attila now focusing on a new frontier of Mining in Blockchain through offering an Asset Backed Token through Mining, Storing, Growing and Sharing. The model is simple, we mine tokens, store 50% in the vault, 20% to diversify mining machine portfolio through purchase and expansion, 20% for operations, 10% buy back and distribute to token holders, then repeat.

Marc Diana

Leadpoint CEO

PrimeChain (A Leadpoint initiative)

With a deep understanding of both technology and market opportunities, Marc Diana has been building disruptive and successful internet and tech companies for 20 years. He co-founded LowerMyBills.com in 1999, where he built the mortgage unit by combining Ameriquest with online short form lead generation. LowerMyBills was sold to Experian in 2006 for $440 million. Marc joined forces with Per Petterson (co-founder of Commission Junction) to create Estalea, a California private equity firm that would focus on creating technology startups. The first three companies created by Estalea were: Leadpoint (the world’s first online mortgage lead exchange) in 2004; Savings.com (a global community for consumer savings) in 2004; and Impact Radius (a transformational digital marketing/affiliate marketing platform) in 2008. All three became groundbreaking and highly successful businesses. Savings.com was acquired by Cox Communications (NYSE:COX) in 2012 for $125 million, while Leadpoint and Impact Radius remain in the Estalea portfolio. Marc has been Leadpoint’s CEO since inception. He received a B.A. in Business from Villanova University.

Majid El-Amri

Co-Founder & Head of Investment Committee


Majid El Amri is Co-founder as well as Head of Investment Committee of StarsIn Limited. He is a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded SaudiWages.com; a web-based application that helps both employers and employees arrive to the fair compensation; with an aim to become a reliable index of Saudi wages. Majid is also the Founder and President of Construction Materials Factory Co. Ltd; a specialized industrial enterprise supplying sustainable masonry load-bearing volcanic blocks. He is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Eco Clean Commercial Co. Ltd., a service-oriented company providing sustainable cleaning services solutions. In totality, Majid has over 18 years of expertise in business strategy, including 9 years advisory experience in structuring equity and debt deals.

Grigory Rybalchenko

Advisor to the Board of Directors


Grigory is a high-performance commercial leader, strategic thinker and project manager. He is a real “crypto nerd” and essential part of the emerging crypto community. Grigory has been engaged in crypto since year 2012 as early adopter of Bitcoin and other emerging currencies. He has helped several ICOs to identify digital token models and created blockchain platform as a service to run ICOs. Grigory has also been advising key government as well as private companies in UAE about loyalty programs on the blockchain. He leads educational seminars (public and private) about blockchain ecosystem, technology and its potential to disrupt current businesses. Previously, he worked as management & technology consultant for a leading international company. He has extensive experience in architecting blockchain solutions and integrating them in customer journey experience.

Brian Elders



Brian Elders is the founder of Crypto IB Limited. Born in Ireland and with qualifications in law, business, accounting, treasury and quant finance Brian has worked in 8 countries over 20 years in various financial services companies. Brian recently founded a new company, Crypto IB which at 50 days old already has a global presence across 8 countries (China, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Monaco, Ireland and Chile). The team, having worked on several token raises including Selfkey and Modex are filling a gap in the market for professionals who understand and can help companies with all aspects token generation events. Crypto IB is starting in the unregulated market advising a number of ICO’s but with a vision for the future to evolve to become the leading global Crypto Investment Bank pioneering tokenised funds and security tokens.

Chris Gale



Chris is the Co-founder of Verasity, a disruptive video sharing platform built on trust and transparency. Previously Founder and CEO of Ad Tech Company Odyssey Mobile, sold to Phunware in 2014 who later listed on the Nasdaq in 2018. Chris is also an Investor and Blockchain and Advisor in numerous Blockchain projects. Chris has over 15 Years of building and running digital media and technology Companies.

William Michael Genovese

Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Research and Planning – Banking, Financial Markets and IT Services

Huawei Technologies

William (Bill) is Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Research and Planning – Banking, Financial Markets and IT Services at Huawei Technologies, Shenzhen, China. Bill’s responsibilities include the further development of Huawei’s Financial Services Industry Strategy with research and formulation of new solutions encompassing technology and business architectures, emerging technologies centered on AI/Anaytics, Blockchain, Mobile/Digital and IoT, and evolving business models in the FinTech / RegTech era across the financial services sector.

Prior to joining Huawei in 2016, Bill was a CIO and CTO for a Blockchain Strategy and Technology company in the US, and a Principal Advisor for a CIO Advisory Consulting firm. Bill has spent most of his 25 year career with IBM, KPMG, and Wells Fargo Bank, stationed in Europe, Americas, and Asia Pacific regions working holding various senior management roles such as CIO, CTO, Principal Technology Architect and Executive Architect. Bill holds multiple industry and professional certifications focused on full-scale enterprise architecture and technology in the Financial Services Industry.

Alexey Gorulyov

Business Development Officer

ECOS Armenia

Alexey Gorulyov is a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience. In 2017 he co-founded ECOS group and is currently responsible for business development. ECOS is a unique infrastructure project deployed in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. In cooperation with Armenian Blockchain Forum and the with the support of the country’s Government, ECOS is currently setting up a Free Economic Zone in Armenia, forming a hub for high-tech startups and companies developing blockchain and AI products. ECOS aims to make Armenia one of the leading countries in innovative technologies market.

Jonathan Ha


Red Pulse

Jonathan Ha is the founder and CEO of Red Pulse, a tokenized research ecosystem for China. Mr. Ha has a prior background in management consulting, having advised major financial institutions on operations and corporate strategy. Jonathan studied computer engineering and economics at the University of Pennsylvania, and subsequently received an MBA from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. Mr. Ha is a CFA charterholder.

Francis Hwang

President & Co-founder

Bucket Technologies

Francis has over a decade of experience in creating, launching, and managing successful businesses. Having always gravitated towards enterprises and ideas that question and disrupt the status quo, it was a natural step for Francis to start Bucket Technologies. Coming up with the concept for Bucket over 10 years ago, Francis finally set aside other ventures to focus and commit to his mission of eliminating coins and alleviating the environmental and governmental stresses from the production, distribution, and management of coin currency.

Francis recently moved to Bentonville, Arkansas and when he isn’t working or traveling for Bucket you will find him off-roading with his wife Kristine in the Ozarks.

Oleg Ivanov


CryptoBazar Fund

Oleg Ivanov is the Co-founder and CEO of CryptoBazar Fund, an international crypto fund that invests in prospective blockchain projects in the areas of digital payments, infrastructure development, and technological innovations. Oleg has been invited to give speeches on topics such as “How to attract money to the project by issuing cryptocurrency”.

Oleg is also the founder and CEO of InvestBazar Fund.

Mushtaq Kapasi

Chief Representative, Asia Pacific

International Capital Market Association (ICMA)

Mushtaq Kapasi is ICMA’s Chief Representative for the Asia-Pacific region. He has been based in Hong Kong since 2002, engaged in senior strategy, capital market and legal roles covering the region at international banks active in Asia. He has worked as a lawyer in debt capital markets and derivatives, a structurer in equities and fixed income, a manager of complex trades with regulatory and accounting considerations, and an adviser to top executives on emerging market strategy. He has also served as a consultant on financial structures of renewable energy projects in frontier markets. He is a member of the New York State Bar, and studied mathematics at the University of Texas and law at Yale University.

Stefan King

Technical Project Manager

Beach Head 2020

Stefan King is a specialist in the project management of token launches and a respected volunteer in the crypto community in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He applies his expertise to the incubation of high-profile crypto projects. He has been working on the Beach Head token sale since August 2017.

Taisiya Kudashkina

Co-founder & Communications Director


Taisiya Kudashkina is the Co-founder and Communications Director at FINOLOG. She is also the founder of one of the biggest and active entrepreneur communities in Russia, with over 100,000 business owners as members. She hosts the TOP-5 business podcast and has over 2 million regular listeners. She has been named by Forbes and Hundhert to their lists of the Top 100 women entrepreneurs in Europe.

Hikaru Kusaka

Business Design & Strategy Lead

blockhive OÜ

Hikaru Kusaka is co-founder, business design and strategy lead at blockhive OÜ. Kusaka is an expert in blockchain technology with more than five years of experience. He co-founded Tokyo-based Spreadi Inc., a software development company in 2012, and invented a cryptocurrency foundation system which utilizes consensus protocol of stellar.org in 2015. His team had researched into the blockchain technology and developed strategy for companies including banks and A.I. companies in Japan and other countries. Building on the track record over the past years, he and his partners co-founded Estonia-based blockhive in April 2017.

Hans Lombardo

CMO & Director

Blockpass IDN

Hans is a successful entrepreneur and enthusiastic evangelist of blockchain technologies, speaking at blockchain and fintech events globally. He is a co-founder of Chain of Things, a Hong Kong-based startup integrating blockchain and IoT devices, and the founder of AllCoinsNews and Chain-Finance. In 2012, he sold his previous company, a data collection and analytics research firm focused on mainland Chinese high-technology industries. During the internet boom, Hans managed the APAC operations of the internet.com E-Business media network and provided due diligence support for the internet.com Venture Capital Fund in Asia, investing in a number of internet startups in Greater China.

Pepe Moreno

Chief Visionary

Beach Head 2020

Pepe Moreno is a world-renowned author, artist, designer and gaming entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience in traditional and digital art forms and entertainment media. A digital pioneer, and the creator of Batman: Digital Justice, the first ever digital graphic novel and the second best selling in the history of comics. He is the driving force behind Beach Head, one the most long-standing cult video games titles of the last three decades.

Maximilian Musselius

Strategy and Vision Lead


An executive Director of ECR Russia and Co-chairman of ECR Europe, Maximilian is credited with the creation of the most successful ECR unit in the world. As part of ECR, developed and implemented EDI technology for the entire industry, launched master data catalogue initiative, and organizes 6 conferences annually and 7 separate working groups quarterly. Maximilian is the author of numerous research and analytical articles in the field of FMCG manufacturing and retail, including ECR Bluebook, EDI Bluebook, Scorecard Bluebook by ECR Russia, Global ECR and ECR-Rus Master Data Bluebook, and Global Scorecard. Prior to ECR, he held various marketing positions in International consultancies. Maximilian is a Moscow State University graduate with degrees in law and economics and speaks 6 languages.

Dmitrii Shorzhin

Business Advisor, Representative in Hong Kong


Dmitrii Shorzhin graduated from HKUST (MBA). He is a result driven business manager with the passion in technology. Combining his project management experience in Hong Kong start-up with the business development management back in Moscow, his aims to make the world transparent place through blockchain.

Noah Silverman, PhD



Noah Silverman holds a PhD in statistics from UCLA, and has worked with data and technology for over 20 years. The focus of Dr. Silverman’s work is on developing probabilistic models for complex and stochastic system. Dr. Silverman’s specialties include: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Hierarchical Bayesian Models, classifiers, support vector machines, and textual analysis. He has authored several papers on mathematical modeling of complex data systems with innovative analysis methods. In addition, he has developed successful solutions for a large number of clients in Finance, Digital Advertising, Sports Betting, Crypto-currency, Education, Medical, and other industries. Prior to consulting, he conceptualized and founded several technology firms including webclipping.com and trademarktracker.com. Dr. Silverman currently runs a consulting firm in Hong Kong, Helios.ai, and is also developing an institutional grade cryptocurrency exchange.

Alexis Sirkia

Blockchain Architect

Beach Head 2020

Alexis Sirkia began his career as a project engineer in the defense and avionics sector and later ran IT operations and security for the Ariane 5 Rocket Launch Base at the European Space Center (CSG). When he met Pepe, he conceived of the vision for Beach Head 2020 as a crypto economy where everyone has the freedom to trade virtual reality assets on the blockchain. He has been making crypto markets since 2013 and is the economic mastermind behind Beach Head 2020.

Rafael Soultanov

Chief Executive Officer

dApp Builder

Rafael Soultanov has over 16 years of IT consulting and marketing experience in product development, marketing, and technology management. He has implemented marketing automation and built demand generation infrastructure and developed over 50+ enterprise platforms for Fortune 1000 companies such as France Telecom, InterContinental Hotel Group, Quest Software (DELL), Protective Life Insurance, Nielsen Media, AllScripts, Ethereum Blockchain and technology startups.

Mitja Vezovišek



In the new decentralising era, financial industry is changing rapidly. Digital technologies like blockchain enable financial service professionals to augment trust, the most prosperous currency in this industry. Already following these global trends, Mitja Vezovišek is a visionary, a successful entrepreneur and one of the very best wealth managers in his home country and wider area.

With more than 15 years of experience in the financial service industry and with strong industry connections, Mitja has been providing acknowledged financial consultancy with a proven track record; tens of million Euros in investable assets have been enhanced. He developed a consultative process to gain a profound understanding of client’s values and financial objectives; reaching financial independence faster by growing their assets knowledgeably. His sophisticated long-term financial plans are highly tailored to clients’ individual needs.

Recognised as a visionary entrepreneur, Mitja is invited to keynote on a regular basis at national as well as international professional events, televisions and radio shows; he is the voice of financial industry when it comes to promoting personal financial planning and personal financial advice in public. Mitja is also the author of a financial industry best seller and numerous expert articles.

Aurélien Menant

Founder & CEO


Aurélien is Founder and CEO of Gatecoin, a bitcoin and ethereum token exchange based in Hong Kong.

He began his career as an investment banker, working on M&A and financial deals for major global CIBs in Europe and Hong Kong, including BNP Paribas, JP Morgan, Société Générale and Crédit Agricole.

Aurélien quit the banking world in 2013 to start Gatecoin, following his discovery and new-found passion for bitcoin and blockchain technology. He is a well-known member of the global blockchain community and is frequently invited to speak at industry events such as The Future of Finance Summit (Singapore), the Global Conference on Money Laundering and Digital Currencies (Qatar) and Euromoney’s Capital Markets Blockchain Conference (Hong Kong).

Aurélien is also a guest-lecturer on blockchain and cryptocurrency at universities in Hong Kong and provides regular commentary to financial media including the Bloomberg News, Reuters, and CNBC.

Aurélien is a founding member of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, which works to raise awareness of blockchain applications among the local community.

Aurélien received a BSc. in Engineering from UPMC, Paris VI and a MSc. in Management from EM Lyon Business School. He is originally from Paris, France.

Eyal Moshe



Eyal Moshe is a serial entrepreneur with years of experience in collaborating and reporting to director boards & stakeholders in the American and international markets.

He has years of experience building world-recognized brands for both enterprise and consumer markets. As a former executive at CA Software, he racked up more than a decade working with government intelligence and defense industries. He is a co-founder of PlanetSoho and a passionate and innovative entrepreneur, with proven capabilities to realize business ideas into full execution.

Olga Petrunina

Co-founder and CEO


Olga Petrunina is the co-founder and CEO of Adara.io, a highly-secure, AI-enhanced financial blockchain ecosystem including real-time trading, tokenization and portfolio management. The company has a worldwide footprint – based in Zug, Switzerland but with research and development in Moscow, plus sales and marketing in San Francisco and additional offices in Seoul and Dubai.

Prior to forming Adara, Petrunina was the CEO and Founder of Visatohome (2013 – 2016, exit January 2017) and CFO at AnyWayAnyDay.com. Petrunina helped raise a total of 5 investment rounds totaling $34M for both projects, with a total valuation of  $300M.

While at AnyWayAnyDay, Petrunina built the entire financial structure for the conglomerate’s group of Companies (Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany, Cyprus, BVI) as well as supervising financial planning, reporting and cash flows. In 2012 the conglomerate’s turnover reached $400M and took a second private placement.

Petrunina is a member of the RACIB, the Russian Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Her educational background includes graduating in 2010 from Rostov State Economics University with a major in International Monetary Relations. In her free time, she is a columnist at Millionaire Magazine, writing on how blockchain is transforming the financial system.

Sten Laureyssens



Sten Laureyssens is a crypto enthusiast, co-founder of regulated securities and digital assets exchange Adara,io, co-founder of crypto fund Connect, Capital and and is sought after to assist others in growing their ventures. He is an advisor to Storm, Current.us and Apex as an active cryptoinvestor and trading expert.

Adam Vaziri


Blockpass IDN

Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass and of QRC, is a pioneering lawyer and entrepreneur in the Blockchain space. Vaziri has founded several successful blockchain businesses, and has more than half a decade of experience working on Blockchain policies and assisting Blockchain businesses in licensing and compliance.

Anthony Wong

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Orichal Partners

Anthony Wong is the co-founder of Orichal Partners, a Private Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Investment and Advisory Firm based in Hong Kong. Anthony leads the Institutional relationships, Investments and Operations of the firm.

Anthony has been an early bitcoin and ethereum investor; seeing the opportunity for the business to become institutionalised, Anthony founded Orichal Partners alongside with 2 cofounders. It’s mission is to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the cryptocurrency market, providing a disciplinary approach in analyzing each blockchain project to find true value proposition for our stakeholders.

Prior to Orichal Partners, Anthony spent 10 years as an Institutional Sales at JPMorgan, a global leader in financial services, covering a multitude of Markets Products and Solutions to clients across North Asia. Anthony spent the first 3 years covering Foreign Exchange products for JPMorgan Private Bank, facilitating flow and structured FX products for the firm’s premier high net worth investors. With the emergence of China internationalizing its currency, Anthony spent the next 4 years focusing on Chinese Renminbi (RMB) hedging solutions and investment products for bank clients situated in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Expanding its expertise in the currency space, Anthony spent his remaining tenure at JPMorgan heading the Hong Kong Bank Sales team, dedicating to offering cross-asset solutions to institutional clients ranging from providing interbank fx and rates liquidity to balance sheet management.

Anthony graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business at The University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Honours Business Administration (HBA). He is also a member of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong.

Peter Yu

Chief Executive Officer


A serial entrepreneur, and Founder and CEO of JetOne Motion, VirtualCyte, and CyteCoin in Hong Kong with a Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) Center in Hong Kong and two overseas offices in Los Angeles and Macau. The company is engaged in hyper reality content production, VR advertising and marketing, LBE, Live VR, device rental, 3600 video creation and distribution, VR/AR application development, and training and education. Also, led the company to “Top 25 VR Solutions Provider 2017”, out of 1,000 companies, by APAC CIOoutlook Magazine in Fremont, California. Interviewed by many top international and local medias, and also a frequent keynote speakers in major industry events in Asia Pacific region.

James Kim

Managing Director

NX Venture Partners

James Kim is the Managing Director of NX Venture Partners.